Welcome to my life!

Full moon against a purple sky

Why I fell in love with Laveen: A full moon nestled in a purple sky.

Hello. This is the first post of my new blog, Living in Laveen. In my professional life, I am an editor. In my personal life, I’m a budding photographer with a deep interest in nature and landscape photography. I am married with two very active boys, five cats, and a rabbit to distract me. When I’m not distracted, I take photographs. ;p

The title of this blog is Living in Laveen, because, well…that’s where I live. However, I must warn you that a true Laveen resident doesn’t just stick to the local haunts. Though this village sits to the southwest of the Valley of the Sun, it is a hub for activity. From every direction there is something to venture toward. My community is nestled between the Gila River Indian Reservation to the west, South Mountain to the south, Phoenix to the east, and the Salt River to the north. I plan to explore all directions.

You are welcome to come along for the ride and share in my adventures.

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