How Not to “Shoot” a Rabbit

Owning an adorable bunny naturally compels one to take a lot of pictures. No more is this true than when Easter/Spring arrives.

I have no shame. I answered the call.


It was going to be so adorbs. A cute backdrop, all her favorite treats, a little basket. Bam! Easter Bunny chic.


Unfortunately, Winter Moon is just the sort of diva to avoid the paparazzi.


As you can see, my mistake was in allowing my sons to help.

Ahem! This is not wrestling!


Really? That strawberry was for Winter. 😦


Well, at least Cyrano is looking fabulous.


Still not budging.

But wait! Here comes Easter Cat! Hello, Aramis! Well, I guess that qualifies as cute.


Oh! I give up!

Happy Easter everyone!



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