A Little Sand Between My Toes

We took another phenomenal beach vacation to Carpinteria, California at the end of July. As always, the surf, sand, and wildlife were rejuvenating. Also, there’s nothing better than seeing your child share in your wonder.

I miss this beach already, so I’m musing over the photos and videos from the trip while I take a staycation at home (to use up the last of my vacation days at work).

I should be writing, of course, but I’m in a sort of funk. My youngest started kindergarten today. His brother had a horrible experience, so my gut is in knots at the moment.

Writing can be cathartic, but I think today I’ll kick back and unwind with beautiful memories (however recent), and just imagine sand between my toes.

Wanna join me?



  1. Hi, Melissa. I appreciate all the likes, and hope you’re recharging for some blog posts of your own … that all is well. I looked back to find one of yours that I hadn’t read, and found Carpinteria, which I enjoyed visiting. They had some disastrous time there recently between fire and mud.

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