My Dapper Lad

Today this handsome fellow is 6 years old. Hard to believe he was once a stray. He fits so neatly into our family. 

Happy birthday, Giovanni. 


Nine Years of Fur and Purrs

In my backyard in Mesa, Arizona, in 2008, I fell in love with three fuzzy blessings.

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How Not to “Shoot” a Rabbit

Owning an adorable bunny naturally compels one to take a lot of pictures. No more is this true than when Easter/Spring arrives.

I have no shame. I answered the call.

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Happy Birthday, Nipper!

My fuzzy inspiration is now 7 years old. That’s a whole lot of mischief managed. You can blame all of my snarky cat characters on him.


Love ya, furball.

And bunny makes 11…

I’ve always had pets. My upbringing would not have been complete without the four cats and one dog that graced my younger days. Their kindness, love, and quiet reserve taught me stillness and respect for all creatures. My husband also spent much of his childhood with a menagerie of animals: cats, rabbits, mice, rats, fish, and dogs. So, it’s no surprise that our home together also includes furry family members. Michael and I have cared for a total of 15 creatures in our 12 years together. We currently cohabitate with six cats and one rabbit. Among these wild things, we have added two wild children. Yes, you read that right, there are 11 beings in our household and only two of them can take care of themselves.

Okay, one of them. I seem to take care of everyone.

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