School House Blues

I love to learn. I also love to read. Opening a book allows new possibilities to flutter out in the world. I can capture these information butterflies with just a look and hold onto them forever.

Still, for all the wonder I hold for knowledge, I have to confess something shocking.

I hated going to school.


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Just Keep Swimming?


Warning: This isn’t one of my typical feel-good posts. I debated not posting it at all, to be honest, because it seems so different from my usual message of “Be true to yourself and just keep moving forward.”

That’s not to say this post is irrelevant. It’s very relevant to me and others who share similar experiences. It’s a part of who I am as much as the happy-go-lucky stuff is.

I need to share this. Why? Well, because it’s something that… Well, let’s just say it’s eating at me.

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